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     It is hard to fathom a more frightening and lonely situation than when you are charged with a crime.  Although the law mandates that you are innocent until proven guilty, to those charged with an offense, it almost seems like you have to prove your innocence.  In those times, you must have counsel that is capable of going to battle and forcing the State or United States to prove you are guilty.  There are often times when the evidence is just insurmountable.  When that is the case, you need lawyers that can negotiate a reasonable and fair plea agreement. 

      Reed & Reed has over 45 years of experience in criminal law, including but not limited to:



     ~Domestic Violence

     ~Sexual Assault

     ~Weapons Charges

     ~Drug Possession

     ~Probation Revocations

     ~Terroristic Threats

     ~Bail Issues

     ~Juvenile Matters

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